Digital Internet Footprints

One of the most common questions about conducting a job search is:  Where should I have a digital footprint on the Internet?

After attending countless seminars and reading job search books and information posted on the web these are my conclusions:

1.  Linkedin–A complete profile on this site loaded with relevant key words, professional recommendations and group memberships is critical for a successful job search.  You will want to add a lot of connections.  Search recruiters have told me they use this site as their candidate pool when seeking to fill positions.  Just today I received an e-mail from a recruiter about a job as a result of my Linkedin profile at:  The  job search feature is very helpful, especially if you download the JobsInsider tool found at bottom of page which will tell you if any of your connections can help you get the job.  This works when looking at jobs posted on the major job boards.  It is also important to write recommendations for others and post answers to questions to demonstrate you are a giver and not just a taker.   Answering questions gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

2.  Twitter–A regularly updated microblog with intelligent, work related tweets is recommended.  I tend to follow people who post information helpful to my job search and people are starting to follow me which I find humbling.  I have been told it is important to use your own name so that prospective employers typing your name into a search engine will find you. 

3.  Facebook–I found a job search agent on this site that has provided good job leads.   It is best to keep content professional when seeking employment.

4.  Just the other day I was told that is also useful in a  job search.  Write positive reviews about books in your field of expertise.  This will showcase your writing ability and establish your expertise in your industry.

5.  I personally like the visual cv.  If you go to: you can create your own visual cv for free.  This is similar to a resume but this site provides you with the ability to demonstrate creativity that greatly exceeds the scope of a resume.   It also has a job search feature.  I was surprised by the number of hits I’m getting at:

6.  Having your own personal website to showcase your resume on the Internet is also important according to search recruiters.  I chose to go to:;jsessionid=677BFB8E07061279A331CCD7FF55F08C.TC60a?__reuse=1242413757786 and use the 1&1 website builder to create my website.  Just click on web hosting and then Microsoft hosting.  I would recommend this method to build a website because it is easy to use, it is inexpensive, they offer a large selection of templates to choose from and the end result looks very professional.  They also offer some free bells and whistles called CGI’s (Common Gateway Interface) you can choose to utilize such as a website counter, date/time display, survey, feedback form, guestbook and forum.   You can view my website at:

7.  You will want to make sure you have a profile on the major job search boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Indeed, Dice…… You will also want to utilize any niche websites for your particular industry.  If you post your resume on job boards it is important to refresh it at least every 2 weeks because employers may only search for new resumes.  You will also want to sign up for job search agents that will e-mail you with any new jobs posted that match your profile.  This is very handy and saves a lot of time.

8.  I have also heard that it is a good idea to have a MySpace profile.   The rationale is that the hiring manager or recruiter may be younger than the candidate.   If they search for you on MySpace and find your profile this might provide reassurance that you are in touch with technology.

9.  Zoom Info is another site you may wish to utilize.  They currently have information on 5,058,676 companies so it is a good way to research a prospective employer.

10.  When I registered for unemployment benefits the gentleman I spoke with also recommended using as part of my job search.  This site states that it’s a dashboard for seeing what the people you know are creating and sharing all over the open web. You can hook your Pulse account up to all the places where you create or share stuff (your blog, Flickr, Twitter, Yelp, and more than 30 other sites).  At a seminar this week someone mentioned that this site will automatically update one of your contacts e-mail addresses in your address book if they change their e-mail address.

Best of luck in your job search.

Rose Waltz

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2 Comments on “Digital Internet Footprints”

  1. Anita Lewis Says:

    Rosy, this is awesome! I am going to forward the link to some people I know who are really struggling with the job search.

  2. Shiyun Says:

    Hi Rose:
    This is very informative, and very impressive from a licensed attorney.

    I think you could write more blog like these, and like my friend Neal S.

    BTW, Dan Schawbel listed “Plaxo w/SimplyHired” as #2 in his “Top-10-social-sites-for-finding-a-job”.
    Though I have not used it yet.


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