You’re Hired Success Story

One of the best pieces of advice I received while job hunting was to join job search networking groups.  My first thought when a friend mentioned this was how would meeting with a group of other unemployed people help me find employment?  I envisioned a massive pity party so I initially decided to pursue my job search on my own with the assistance of an outplacement consulting firm.  Still unemployed after more than three months and countless hours of applying for jobs through online job boards, I decided it was time to explore these groups.

My first meeting was with a group sponsored by the outplacement firm.  It consisted of a dozen people and served as a job search accountability group where we discussed our applications, interviews and activity each week.  These people became good friends and helped me keep my search focused.

My next meeting was at the Southlake Focus Group in Southlake, TX.  I walked into a room with over 300 people who all had the same goal in mind–employment.  This group consisted of people from many different vocations and was amazing.  I witnessed people lining up at the front to announce they got a job this week and relating their stories.  Other people were announcing the names of companies where they were seeking contacts to assist them with getting interviews.  For the next three months I attended weekly meetings and both gave and received job leads and motivational support.  I also obtained information about upcoming training sessions related to resume drafting and refining interview skills.  This is where I found out about Crossroads Bible Church Career Transition Network in Double Oak, TX.

Crossroads Career Transition Network proved to be the turning point in my job search.  This group was led by 7 recruiters who possessed a lot of knowledge about job searching and what employers are looking for.   They volunteered their time to provide a free one day class.  They provided a complete review of my resume and returned it covered with red marks and comments.  I listened to Dirk Spencer from PSI Protech Solutions talk about Resume Psychology.  He had a whole new take on designing a winning resume and I was intrigued by his suggestions.  During the next few days I incorporated major changes to my resume based on what I had learned.

I continued to attend the two job groups and was enjoying them so much I added a third group which focused on my job niche.  This group provided targeted job leads and connections related to human resources.

I was still trolling the online job boards but now I was applying with my new resume and following up my application by obtaining connections at the companies from the job clubs.  It was the combination of my revised resume, the connections that I made and thinking outside the box that led to landing my new position.

When I mentioned the name of the company I wanted to work for at Southlake Focus Group one of the members told me the head of human resources at that company was married to the owner of a local wine shop.  He suggested I take my resume to the wine shop and ask if the owner could help me get an interview at his wife’s company.  I thought this sounded pretty odd and was about to discard this suggestion when it occurred to me that while I might be embarrassed walking into a wine shop with my resume, that I didn’t have anything to lose.  I had been hearing for many months that I needed to think outside the box.

On my way home from the meeting I noticed a sign for the wine shop which I hadn’t paid any attention to before.  I’m allergic to alcohol and don’t drink.  I stopped at the wine shop but the owner was out so I spoke with the clerk and explained my mission.  She took my resume and I went home.

I knew the clerk gave my resume to the wine shop owner because the following day I received a call from a recruiter at the company where I wanted to work asking to schedule a telephone interview.  Over the next two weeks I had 7 in person interviews.  The final interview was with the Director of Human Resources who was the wine shop owner’s wife.

It turns out the company was looking for a Senior Benefits Analyst who could think outside the box.  The little wine shop maneuver got their attention and they hired me.

Rose Waltz                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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2 Comments on “You’re Hired Success Story”

  1. Dan Lewis Says:

    Outstanding and inspirational!

  2. Dr. Barbara Hamm Says:

    I still love this story, Rose!

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