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Job Interview Q and A iPhone app

July 16, 2012

Career Confidential just launched an app for iPhones and iPads every job searcher will want to use.  The app is named Job Interview Questions and Answers and it is free.  This app provides mock interview practice with a real job coach.  I just tried this myself and loved it!

Professional Job Coach, Peggy McKee, asks a variety of tough but common interview questions.  You video yourself answering the questions so you can see what you look and sound like to the interviewer.  Nobody sees your video but you.  After you replay your answer you may try it again as many times as you wish.  Then you watch and listen to Peggy answer the question and explain the reason behind the question and what the interviewer is looking for.  This teaches you the best way to structure your answer to make a strong, positive impression on the hiring manager.

The coaching and the practice you get with this app is incredible and it will make your answers to interview questions much more effective.  It is also a confidence booster.

It really makes you think about what’s missing in your answer and tells you exactly what the hiring manager really wants to hear from you.

The following 5 questions and answers are free:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to join this company?
  • Why have you been out of work for so long?
  • Describe yourself to me in one word?
  • What have you been doing since you have been laid off?

There are additional questions which you may purchase if you desire.  For more information visit

Rose Waltz


Job Searching? Remember to include your phone number on your LinkedIn profile.

May 13, 2012

I received a call from a recruiter recently who found my profile on LinkedIn. He was trying to fill a good paying job in Dallas, TX and I had the experience his client needed.

He thanked me for including my cell phone number on my profile so he could call me.  He mentioned a lot of candidates don’t list a phone number in their profile.  He had a number of positions to fill and didn’t have time to send an e-mail through the LinkedIn website and wait for a response.  When a recruiter finds a good candidate they want a phone number so they can speak with the candidate immediately.

Many recruiters use LinkedIn as their candidate pool when filling open positions; if you want to get a job I highly recommend including a phone number and an e-mail address in both your profile summary and personal contact sections on LinkedIn.  Make it easy for recruiters to get in touch with you.

Lately I’ve obtained more job interviews as a result of recruiters finding me on LinkedIn than as a result of applications I’ve submitted for posted job openings.  It has also been my experience that recruiters and employers seem more interested in me as a candidate if it was initially their idea to contact me.

I have many recruiters and HR people in my LinkedIn network.  Please feel free to invite me to connect and let me know you read my blog.  Perhaps one of my connections could help you land your next job.

Rose Waltz

Take advantage of your time during job transition to improve your skills

January 26, 2012

We have all been excited to see a new job description posted on an Internet job board that is exactly the type of position desired.  You scan the posting and are delighted that you possess all of the experience to perform the job until you read the following:

Above-average proficiency in the use of _______________ software programs required and additional working knowledge of ______________ software preferred.  While you may possess the necessary skills in several of the programs there may be one or two you haven’t used or perhaps haven’t even heard of before.

There probably isn’t any job searcher who hasn’t been frustrated by this scenario.  You have several alternatives:

  • You could choose not to apply for the job.
  • You could apply for the role in the hopes that your strengths in the other areas are so strong that the employer will overlook a stated requirement in the job description.
  • You could apply and pray that no other candidate has experience with all the programs listed.  You rationalize that as long as the employer will need to hire an unqualified candidate to fill the role it might as well be you.
  • You could go get the training needed to meet the requirements.  If that position is no longer available chances are a similar role with another company will come along.  In the meantime, you are now a more marketable candidate.

I was thrilled to discover New Horizons Computer Learning Centers:  You will find a catalog of available courses on their website.

Even though I have used Microsoft Office Excel on a daily basis in my prior positions, I decided to take advanced software training to improve my skills between jobs.  Their mentored learning program is truly awesome!  Each workstation has two monitors.  You can view and listen to video training on one monitor and you can practice on the other monitor.  When you have questions you can ask one of the instructors for assistance.   I really enjoy being able to set my own pace and replay the instructional videos as much as I want.  If you prefer more traditional classroom training this is also available.

I opted to purchase a training package that will allow me to take as many computer courses as I want over a stated period of time.  I’m training on a number of different software programs and taking classes for multiple experience levels.  I’m training on all the different versions of the software as well so that it won’t matter what version a future employer is utilizing.  The beauty of this is that you will know the differences between the versions and could provide guidance to a future employer when they are deciding whether to upgrade their systems.

If your budget doesn’t permit you to pay for training you may wish to check with your local unemployment office to explore any free available training.  You can also search the Internet for any free training.  I found the following information:

Just for the record, I’m not receiving any incentive to blog about New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.  I’m merely a pleased client currently in career transition who wishes to share my experience with other job searchers.

Please share any other training resources you know about or success stories you may have about how job training enabled you to find employment.

Rose Waltz